About Us

The timepieces sold through this store were restored by myself, Matthew Wojtaszek. I am a self-taught horological hobbyist, collector and repairer of over 2 decades. In addition, I have been servicing and repairing my own watches for the past several years and look forward to providing my restorations to you as well. Movements which I service and repair are disassembled, ultrasonically cleaned with specialized solutions, repaired with genuine manufacturer parts where possible reassembled, lubed with appropriate Moebius oils and adjusted. Cases are always utrasonically cleaned and new pushers, crowns and crystals are fitted if needed. 

I take pride in my work, so if something does not meet expectations please let us know right away and we will do our best to reach a speedy and satisfactory resolution. Thanks for your understanding and I look forward furnishing you with a fine vintage timepiece.

 NAWCC Member #184679